• In Q2 Dennis Flemming transitioned the role of Executive Director of PIND to Sam Daibo. Dennis continues as Executive Director of NDPI, where he focuses NDPI’s outreach and partnership development.
  • NDPI establishes an office and presence in in Washington DC to facilitate international partner outreach and engagement. Eniola Mafe was brought on as Program Manager for NDPI to manage the day to day operations and outreach to stakeholders and partners. 
  • PIND was appointed to the National Council on the Niger Delta, a 40 member committee responsible for approving policies, programs, and projects designed to drive development activities in the Niger Delta. 
  • PIND mobilized 95 cassava farmers from 13 communities to begin supplying their harvests to Thai Farms, one of the largest cassava processors in Ogun State. 
  • PIND and partners have found the 3,000ha of land to be used for an out grower scheme. This scheme is a partnership between Thai Farms, PIND, Edo State Cassava Farmers Association (ESCFA), and Sterling Bank, to foster commercial scale cassava cultivation, utilize high degree of mechanization, and reduce cost of production of cassava tubers and production of high quality cassava tubers for the farmers. 
  • The Business Linkages pilot project trained 10 staff of Chevron responsible for community development projects on the use of Value Chain Analysis as a strategy for planning sustainable market development interventions.
  • In August, PIND’s Peace Building program hosted a Peace Camp, a week-long event in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, that held from 26th – 30th of August, 2013. At Peace Camp, peace builders in communities throughout the region formed strong partnerships for collaboration using online and offline tools for conflict mapping, dialogue facilitation, and project management. The 110 people that participated came together to form the P4P Network.
  • Results of the evaluation of the pilot phase of the CAPABLE were presented to PIND/Crown Agent. In this project, 80 individuals participated in this training to build the institutional and technical capacity of CSOs and BMOs in the Niger Delta to contribute to development in the region. 

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Q2-Q3 2013 NDPI Report