Without a stable environment, community-based economic development cannot take root. NDPI’s peace building programs focus on engaging and empowering local actors in peace and conflict mitigation. Activities include conflict analysis, conflict resolution training and peace education.

Partners for Peace (P4P) Network

Peace BuildingNDPI launched the P4P Project in 2012 to amplify the voices of those seeking to reduce conflict in the Niger Delta region. It is designed to build capacity, social capital and local ownership among key stakeholder groups and provide a network by which men, women, and youth can work together to promote peace in their communities.

The P4P peace building map is an important tool of NDPI’s efforts to help reduce conflict in the Niger Delta. It compiles the shared knowledge of the wider peace building community on the holistic patterns of conflict risk and the locations of peace building actors working to address those risk factors in the region. View the map on the P4P Network website.

Today, the P4P Network has active chapters in all nine Niger Delta states staffed by local volunteers who perform peace building and conflict mitigation. Each chapter has received basic training in project management, peace building and the use of information and communications technologies (ICT). For more information, visit the P4P Network website.

Integrated Peace and Development Unit (IPDU)

The IPDU provides operational-level support for peacebuilding efforts in the Niger Delta by quickly responding to rapidly changing dynamics on the ground and enhancing long-term peace building efforts in the region. It is designed to address the immediate threats of violence in the Niger Delta that undermine NDPI’s long-term strategy for sustainable human development at the grassroots level and simultaneously build local capacity to manage conflict in the future.