Economic Development
NDPI takes an entrepreneurial approach to business-led economic development in the Niger Delta by examining the root causes of economic instability and forging community owned and market-driven solutions that help reduce poverty. We bring together the appropriate expertise across a market system with small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Niger Delta to build capacity, increase efficiencies and ultimately increase profits.

Our partnerships with the communities of the Niger Delta are driven by a deep understanding of their economic needs and a shared vision and investment in the outcome. It is the driver behind NDPI's four programmatic areas:

Economic Development Center

Located in Warri, Nigeria, the Center is a coordinating hub for regional development activity and all of NDPI’s economic development programs. It houses teams of development professionals performing  research, analysis, design, implementation, and the monitoring and evaluation of development projects. It also serves as a meeting and training facility that supports our overarching goal to establish strategic partnerships and build local partner capacity. Learn more from NDPI’s Nigeria-based implementing partner, PIND.

Value Chain Development

NDPI started by evaluating 25 economic sectors in the Niger Delta according to their potential for pro-poor sustainable growth, ultimately narrowing its focus to the three that hold the most promise. Learn more from PIND about our:


A critical driver for economic development, technology must match community needs to be effective and sustainable. Our Appropriate Technology Enabled Development (ATED) program sources and shares technology solutions that meet the needs of the Niger Delta’s communities and small businesses. Learn more from PIND about our ATED program and our new ATED Center.

The Business Linkages Initiative

This initiative promotes pro-poor economic development by addressing the key constraints to small and medium-sized enterprises that prevent them from pursuing new opportunities through linkages with larger, well-established companies. Learn more from PIND about our Business Linkages Initiatives.

Maximizing Agricultural Revenue and Key Enterprises in Targeted States (MARKETS II)

The MARKETS II project, supported in partnership with USAID, seeks to increase Nigeria’s agricultural productivity and food security by building commercially sustainable agricultural commodity value chains that are accessible to poor rural farmers or smallholders. Learn more from PIND about our MARKETS II project.