Our programs evolve through our partnership with the communities in the region and are driven not only by a shared understanding of their economic needs, but by a shared vision and investment in the outcome. This mutual sense of ownership, of overlapping interests and needs among communities and partners, is the driver behind NDPI's four programmatic areas.

Economic Development to promote opportunities for pro-poor market development. It identifies growth sectors relevant to significant numbers of poor or disadvantaged people (as entrepreneurs, workers or consumers) but where they are currently not achieving their economic potential. A careful selection process identifies economic sectors which can support significant numbers of poor people, youth and women, who are then given the opportunity to increase their incomes through systemic changes to market systems.

Capacity Building to enable government, civil society, and communities to effectively engage in development. The focus is on strengthening mechanisms for service delivery, planning, transparency, accountability and public-private dialogue, particularly where they make the environment for growth more conducive.

Peace-building to provide conflict analysis, conflict resolution training and peace education to manage conflicts in vulnerable communities. This synergistic approach fosters stability, which in turn will build social capital – a culture of peace – to create an enabling environment for market-led development across the region.

Analysis and Advocacy to conduct research that provides a deeper understanding and awareness of the economic, institutional, and peace-building constraints and opportunities in the Niger Delta. This focus strengthens the quality and application of socio-economic data and analysis in decision-making and advocacy, in turn leading to better informed stakeholders and a more conducive environment for growth.

NDPI/PIND has been such a positive influence, and we are a better organization for their work.
Mrs. Josephine Ehoho-Acquaye
UUFFA Board Member