Partner Criteria
NDPI partners share a common interest in peace and stability in the Niger Delta that is underpinned by sustainable and equitable economic growth. Our focus on exploring a variety of mechanisms for linking people, organizations, projects and resources into growing networks has resulted in a portfolio of partnerships rather than a single one. They form the building blocks for multi-stakeholder networks that can link up activities and resources for increased impact.

NDPI’s experience has produced lessons learned about the attributes of truly transformative partnerships. These characteristics are sought out in NDPI program partners and include: 

  • Participation of organizations with diverse interests, cultures and approaches.
  • Shared interests in developing a specific project, but with flexibility to pursue ideas and opportunities beyond that original scope.
  • Teams of highly motivated, diversely qualified individuals with a passion for the project the partnership is developing. People who enjoy working in teams, are committed to team learning and who consider themselves change agents within their own organizations.
  • The combined resources, flexibility and autonomy to adapt project designs and plans to meet specific development needs as results are evaluated.
  • Shared commitment to long-term project results that avoid the pressures of having to sacrifice sustainable benefits in favor of short term results to justify continued support.
  • Shared values and guiding principles for how to achieve sustainable social and economic development.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about partnership opportunities and how multi-lateral donors, corporate and private foundations, bilateral agencies, and non-governmental organizations can work with NDPI.