A commitment to meaningful partnerships is at the heart of NDPI's model. Our partner-centric approach enables us to convene organizations investing in the Niger Delta to coordinate strategies, reduce redundant efforts, and enhance collective impact.

By lowering partners' risks and costs while helping to manage implementation on the ground, NDPI leverages the strengths and interests of over 90 partner organizations - NGOs, bi-lateral agencies, corporations, private foundations, multi-lateral donors - with a shared vision of the socio-economic development of the Niger Development region for the long term.

We need to resuscitate our economies in the Niger Delta. What do we do to re-orient our people? How do we get the Niger Delta back to work? How do we move forward in the value chain? How do we come to where we can now add value and take control over our resources and export finished products? The great work that PIND/NDPI has started to do will help us as we work to answer those questions.
Prince Iyare
Executive Council Member
Manufacturing Association of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter