Where We Work
NDPI and its Nigeria-based implementing partner, PIND, perform socio-economic development across the nine states of Nigeria's Niger Delta. More than 30 million Nigerians representing over 40 different ethnic groups live in the region. Despite the fact that the oil-rich Niger Delta is the source of 80 percent of Nigeria's revenues, nearly half of the region's population live in poverty and beset by armed conflict, making this region one of the world's leading development challenges.

NDPI and PIND have launched a new approach to generating positive social change: the puruit of market-driven, locally owned and implemented programs and projects with sustained impact for the long-term. This hybrid structure draws its inspirations from both business and social institutions, and offers productive ideas for how companies can use their resources in ways that not only reduce risk but also add value to a society in great need. 

View an interactive map of our projects by state on the website of our implementing partner, PIND >