NDPI is a corporate social enterprise that finds resources, builds partnerships and improves institutional capacity in collaborative ways for combating poverty and conflict in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. We work closely with our Nigeria-based implementing partner, the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND).

We aim to reduce poverty by acting as a catalyst for systemic change in the Niger Delta in two core areas: economic development and peace building. We take a holistic approach that includes serving as advocates for the development of a thriving civil society, promoting the development of supportive policies and institutions, and tackling challenges related to infrastructure gaps such as access to power, transport, information, and communications. Ultimately, we seek to empower existing actors to carry out activities sustainably and eventually, unsupported, and to bring new actors and resources into the Niger Delta, including donors, NGOs and the private sector.

Chevron has launched an unprecedented experiment, which empowers economic entrepreneurs and peace advocates by working to improve their livelihoods and string for greater harmony in their diverse communities, Nigerian citizens are building a safer and more prosperous living space while fostering a better business climate.
Dr. Pauline Baker
President Emeritus for the Fund for Peace and NDPI Board member