• The Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Foundation (NDPI) is developing new solutions to economic and social challenges in the Niger Delta. Our partner-centric approach uses regional knowledge to understand the root causes of economic instability and forge community-owned, market-driven results. The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) is our Nigeria-based implementing partner. It supports the design, development, and management of the programs funded by NDPI and other donor partners.
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Niger Delta Conflict Dynamics

PIND's Peace Building team and the P4P Network recently updated conflict trackers for each Niger Delta state. By providing a background of the main issues affecting peace and security in the region, the trackers help to inform the P4P Network peace agents and others on how to possibly intervene to mitigate conflict dynamics within the region. 
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Our Affiliates

The Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) is a new information sharing and collaboration opportunity for public, private and civil society organizations pursuing approaches for equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta.
Partners for Peace
Partners for Peace
Partners For Peace (P4P) is a network dedicated to promoting peace in the Niger Delta. It is a platform where people with different backgrounds and perspectives can come together, not to point fingers or take sides, but to understand and address the root causes of conflict and build peace.